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At our store you can find a large variety of batteries and chargers to fulfill all your needs. Are you searching for a motorcycle battery or battery for your golf cart? You can find it here.

If you don’t know which battery you need, our battery finder can help. With the battery finder you can search through our range of products within different categories. Each offer is clearly presented so you may put them in your shopping cart when you have made your decision. You can also use the battery finder to find motorcycle batteries, batteries for rehab vehicles, or golf carts. 

In our shop we supply a wide variety of batteries. If you decide to buy a rechargeable battery you can order the corresponding charger you desire. These may be recharged several thousand times. The purchase is a little more expensive compared to a disposable battery since you are not only purchasing a higher quality but also a longer battery life. Another benefit is that you can use, reuse, re-charge it no matter the time. 

Solar powered batteries are also provided. These are similar types of rechargeable batteries that are connected to solar modules. They are made so that the solar module is on the outside of the rechargeable battery. The solar battery is used by gears on the outside. 

For your motorcycle, we provide a gel battery instead of a common battery. We also offer them for your other vehicles. Compared to a common battery, which works with lead acid, the gel battery is long lasting and environmentally friendly. Make sure your battery is compatible with your motorcycle before purchasing. Older machines typically need batteries that work with lead acid while newer machines favor the gel batteries.

In our shop you can also buy plane batteries. They are needed in gliders, hot air balloons or in smaller, motorized planes. We offer various types that suit will your aircraft needs.  

In addition, we provide batteries for quads, lawn tractors, snow blowers and plows, caravans, boats and many other battery powered equipment. Make your choice between a gel battery or an AGM. Both systems have pros and cons that you may look over in our arranged comparison system. One example you may see is that you cannot use gel batteries in old vehicles yet you can use AGM batteries in all ages of vehicles. 

If you need a battery of any kind, visit us online to find the perfect fit for you. We provide batteries with reasonable prices from various companies.