Order by companies and authorities

We will send you non-binding an offer. Let us convince batteries and portable power of our wide product range and the long-standing expertise in the field. A public institution you will naturally supplied by us on account.

The shipping costs are free of charge for orders of 100 € or multiple order in Germany. For orders below 100 € we charge our normal shipping.

Individual discounts can be granted upon request. These are based on job height or number of orders.

Please send your order:

  • As Email to info@accu-24.de
  • Mailed to
    • ACCU-24 batteries and systems GmbH
      Untergasse 5
      63688 Gedern
  • Fax to 06045-952966

After a successful order and activation of your account, you can see your own prices at our online shop and also further place orders.

For questions please contact us also personally 06045-952520 available.